Ascension Area Anglers                             

About Us

"Our passion is competitive bass fishing.  Our pledge is to do so in a manner that represents our State and National Federation Alliances respectfully while continuing to groom the youth of the sport and protect our resources through conservation."

    Ascension Area Anglers, LLC officially began as Ascension Area Anglers in December of 2007.  With 12 original members, this club was formed on the basis of honesty and integrity.  Since our original commencement, we have grown significantly, and in just four short years we have met our club capacity of fifty members.  Great relationships have formed through this organization consisting of family, friends, and acquaintances, all of which have turned into an outstanding friendship treasured by all.

    We are affiliated with The BASS Federation Nation, and will continue this affiliation throughout the life of this club.  We participate in state level qualifying events with a primary goal of making the Louisiana BASS Federation Nation State Team, and an ultimate goal of qualifying for and fishing the Bassmaster's Classic.  In our short existence, we have been successful at sending members to Divisional events as State Team members, and will continue to try and get better every year.  We are very competitive in nature and strive for excellence at every event, both competitively and ethically.  We pride ourselves in the existence in the BASS Federation Nation, and agree by accepting membership to support Kevin Gaubert as our State President and provide any resources needed to protect and better this great federation.

    Ascension Area Anglers officially became an LLC in January of 2011.  Because of the rapid growth of the club, we decided to become public as we pursued ways to get involved in our community.  With having an ample amount of members, we are now able to provide services in different fashions as needed.  Most recently we were able to get involved with hosting a benefit bass tournament to benefit Tucker Townsend, a youngster who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder.  We have agreed to continue our support of this event as it will be an annual fundraiser to benefit Tucker and his Family.  Since this relationship has formed between Ascension Area Anglers, LLC and fishingfortucker, another young man came to light.  Cameron Laiche, also diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder needs support from not just his family and friends, but his community as well.  Ascension Area Anglers has decided to be involved in this benefit as well.  Please join Ascension Area Anglers in helping these two youngsters.  For more information, or donations for their cause, you can contact us about "Caring for Cameron" and "fishingfortucker."  Check out our Officers page and shoot us an email.

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