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The 2018 Louisiana Federation Nation State Team
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2019 State Qualifiers

Spring Qualifier.................Toledo Bend, San Miguel Park
..................March 15th, 16th
Fall Qualifier.............................Berwick Boat Ramp.................September 27th, 28th

Please Take Note of the Following Details

As of the year 2017 we will begin fishing our qualifiers on Friday and Saturday.  Official practice days are Wednesday and Thursday.  The General Membership Meeting will be on the Wednesday and the pairings briefing will be on Thursday night. To guarantee yourself a co-angler on tournament days you must link with a co-angler upon signing up for the qualifiers.  Most of the rules remain the same as far as qualifying events go.  Please visit for a complete listing of the changes and associated rules.  Listed below are the important deadlines and entry amounts:

ONLINE registration only must be complete by the Sunday night prior to the event.

BOATER Entry $300 total upfront for both events.
CO-ANGLER Entry is $100 per event and can be paid seperately.

The Louisiana BASS Nation State Champion at the state qualifier level shall receive paid entries up to $5,000.00 into a BASS Open Series of his choice. (Pending the State's account balance and affordability) The angler will be able to choose his option of either a PRO sponsorship or a CO-ANGLER sponsorship.  These criteria must be met to receive the sponsorship:

Angler must commit to as many events as the state can afford to sponsor him in

Angler may only receive sponsorship once he has competed in all events sponsored.

General Membership meetings will be held prior to each event on the Wednesday night of official practice. All active federation members are invited to attend.

There are no longer any off-limit periods for any qualifying event.  However, the two days prior to the event are considered official practice and ALL tournament rules must be followed. 

Make sure that if you are using your boat in a BASS Nation event that your insurance is up to
date and you are carrying your policy with you while on the water.  Even if you are only going to use your boat during official practice.  Boat numbers 1 and 2 will be checked both days of the tournament for correct insurance policies.  This is a MUST HAVE!  Remember that you must have $300,000
Limited Liability coverage to compete in your boat in a BASS event.

Ascension Area Anglers at the Top

Louisiana BASS Nation State Champ
Charlie Hewitt - 2007
David Cavell - 2010
Tim Carmouche - 2011
Jamie Laiche - 2012
Robbie Latuso - 2013
David Cavell - 2014
Scott Buxton - 2015
Neal Normand - 2016 (Non Boater)

BASS Nation Regional Champ
Jamie Laiche - 2007
Jamie Laiche - 2008
Jamie Laiche - 2015
Ryan Lavigne - 2016 (Non Boater)

BASS Nation Championship
Jamie Laiche - 2007
Jamie Laiche - 2008
Jamie Laiche - 2010
Jason Pecoraro - 2011
Jason Pecoraro - 2012
Ryan Lavigne - 2013
David Cavell - 2014
Jamie Laiche - 2015
David Cavell - 2016 (Boater)
Ryan Lavigne - 2016 (Non Boater)
Ryan Lavigne - 2017 (Boater)
Jamie Laiche - 2017 (Boater)
Neal Normand - 2017 (Non Boater)
David Cavell - 2018 (Boater)

BASS Nation National Champion
Ryan Lavigne - 2016 (Non Boater)
Ryan Lavigne - 2016 (Overall)

Bassmaster Classic Qualifiers
Jamie Laiche - 2008
Ryan Lavigne - 2017

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