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2018 Club Tournament Stats

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On a day where almost every club record was blown away, Doug McClung and Bubba LeBourgeois won by a slim margin with an unbelievable 6 fish bag weighing 25.13 lbs.  They got the W over the second place team of Tim Carmouche and Shane O'Daniel who weighed in an impressive bag of 6 fish to the tune of 24.22 lbs.  Great job guys!! Big bass of today went to Charlie Hewitt when he culled a 13 incher with a 7.04 lb GIANT.  Impressive day by all involved!!!!

Heaviest 6 Fish Stringer - 25.13 lbs
Heaviest 3 Fish Stringer - 14.98 lbs
Number of Fish Weighed - 42 (14-3 Fish limits)
Total Weight - 133.29 lbs
Club Average - 9.52 lbs
Big Fish - 7.04 lbs

Big time change in results for our 2nd quarter event.  On a tough day in the Amite River Basin, David Cavell and Logan Latuso brought 6 weighing 10.62 lbs and edged out Julien Day and Leavitt Hamilton for the win.  Leavitt had big bass of the day with a 3.62 lb stud and also had big stringer of the day with 3 weighing 6.65 lbs.  Thanks to all who competed and good job on a tough fishery.

Heaviest 6 Fish Stringer - 10.62 lbs
Heaviest 3 Fish Stringer - 6.65 lbs
Number of Fish Weighed - 29
Total Weight - 46.48 lbs
Club Average - 3.32 lbs
Big Fish - 3.62 lbs

Congratulations to Dave Cavell on another win for the club in 2018.  That's back to back events.  Dave brought in 5 fish weighing 9.86 to take the win.  He slighted edged out 2nd place Paul Amedee who had 5 fish for 9.72 which also included the day's big bass which weighed 4.21.  Thanks to all who competed and great job on a tough day.

Heaviest Stringer - 9.86 lbs
Number of Fish Weighed - 53
Total Weight - 88.89 lbs
Club Average - 5.23 lbs
Big Fish - 4.21

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2018 Overall Club Standings
(This represents standings after dropping each anglers lowest tournament)
 Low finishes will not be dropped until after the third tournament.

Ascension Area Anglers Annual King Fisherman History

Tim Carmouche - 2009
Corey Wheat - 2010
David Cavell - 2011
David Cavell - 2012
Tre Gautreau - 2013
Chris Day - 2014
Logan Latuso - 2015
Corey Wheat - 2016
Will Major - 2017

Club Records
(2007 - Present)

Heavy 3 Fish Stringer
Tim Carmouche - 14.98

Heavy 5 Fish Stringer
Logan Latuso - 16.92

Heavy 6 Fish Stringer
Doug McClung / Bubba LeBourgeois - 25.13

Big Bass
Corey Wheat - 8.16

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